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Learn why HYDROGEN WATER THERAPY is being called the "Greatest Discovery in Medical-Science & Health-Care since 1953!”


Free Healthy H2 Water Learning Events

Our four fun learning Video-Slideshow Presentations with “Live” Demonstrations, Free Gifts & Door Prizes in two Michigan cities were well-received! Attendees enjoyed Healthy Food, Chocolate, Coffee & H2 Water.


UPCOMING TOUR(S) for 2018-2019

Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Washington State, Ohio, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maine & Jamaica!

Scroll Down to learn more about our Certified Water Expert & Instructor, Steven Clarke, and the health benefits of Hydrogen Water Therapy.


Meet the Author

Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke and Dr. Peiper have co-written "H2 WATER 4 LIFE" that teaches us about a very safe in-home NexGen medical gas therapy that employs water filtered at a kidney dialysis level. Their book is poised to be another best seller. A beautiful Deluxe Full-Color Version is available on Amazon. This is a global book with plans to be translated into more languages in 2019 and 2020.

Steven is a Certified Molecular Hydrogen Advisor and served as National Education & Training Director for a world-wide water technology company. His credentials include:

  • Lead Author of New Book: H2 WATER 4 LIFE & "What's In Your Water?"

  • H2 Nano Hydration Specialist

  • "Ambassador to the Stars"

  • Trains others via Webinar Programs live-streamed throughout North America

  • Founder of Molecular Hydrogen Research USA & AAA Water Research

  • Certified M. H. A., Nutritionist, Writer, Instructor, Consultant, Lab Technician, Quantum Physics & Biochemistry Student

Steven is a rising star in the alternative health-care field. His research on this emerging medical gas (H2) safely infused into home/kitchen tap water is cutting-edge. People who attend Steven’s free H2 Water Events learn about NexGen science and medicine converging on a universal therapy that can help nearly all of us feel better. This water therapy is now a Global Movement with thousands of doctors & scientists on board! Steven and his anti-aging wife, Tina, travel the U.S. to give free H2 Video-Slideshow Presentations with "live" demonstrations seasoned with humor.

The science of water is an extremely complex topic. However, Steven's audiences are amazed at how he explains water, filtration, hydration, pH balance, molecular hydrogen, mineral absorption, electrolytes & H2 Water Therapy in easy-to-understand language. 

So what is H2 Water Therapy?


Peer-reviewed scientific Studies

Global doctors and researchers have declared Hydrogen Water Therapy to be one of, if not, ... the greatest discovery since 1953 for health, medical and dental applications with over 1,000 Scientific Studies!



In over 170+ DISEASE Models

With over 40 years of research, scientists proved that essentially EVERY ORGAN of the HUMAN BODY can benefit! Please scroll down to see an abbreviated list of health problems and diseases that H2 Water Therapy may potentially help, improve, reduce, prevent, or treat.



Billion years ago

Molecular Hydrogen appears to have been present during earth's formation as an energy source, perhaps preparing it for future plant, animal and human habitation. Readers learn H2 is already inside our bodies to help manage and improve our well-being! But, due to daily attacks on our immune systems, we need much more H2 to achieve homeostasis and maximize absorption of what our bodies require to enjoy optimum health!


How Can H2 Help Me?


H2 Therapy

Below is a short list of health conditions that Hydrogen Water Therapy may potentially help, improve, reduce, prevent or treat:


Superior hydration
Brain disorders
Anti-aging properties
Heart health
effective body detox
Bone strength
Radiation damage

Kidney health
Oxygen delivery
Migraine headaches
Energy levels
Athletic performance
Weight Loss
Beneficial minerals

Bladder problems
Fluid retention
Immune support
Inflammation & pain
Free radicals
Skin disorders
Dozens of Organs!


FDA Disclaimer: Statements made have not been evaluated by FDA. None of information offered is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  H2 WATER 4 LIFE may be purchased via Amazon.  Please contact us for more detailed information.